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Is Autopilot Completely Safe

We have all found ourselves asking the question of whether the autopilot function is safe or not. Driving with autopilot is fantastic as it gives you the chance to concentrate on other activities as you drive. The Tesla Company first introduced autopilot to give people the experience of being in a car that can drive itself. Even though this feature will make you feel like you are living in the future, you are advised to keep your hands on the steering wheel despite the autopilot feature being on. The autopilot feature mainly relies on data that has been obtained from machine learning. As such, vehicles that are on autopilot can only recognize the existence of the obstacles that have already been fed into their system.

Improved efficiency

Some of the leading causes of accidents are attributed to human negligence. The negligence comes in different forms depending on the activity you could be doing at the time of the accident. For instance, the chances of an accident are heightened when you concentrate on other things as you are driving. People who pick up calls may fail to notice the existence of obstacles along their way, leading to accidents. However, through the autopilot feature, you can concentrate on other things even as you drive. The autopilot feature will accurately recognize these obstacles and direct the vehicle to move appropriately, thus protecting you from an accident.

Appropriate use

Even though the autopilot feature promises you an exciting trip as you drive your vehicle, it is worth noting that you need to be extremely careful when utilizing this feature. Tesla, being among the first company to introduce the feature, has the best technology when it comes to self-driving. An experiment was conducted to test the feature. The vehicle accurately detected the existence of a moving obstacle along its way, and it applied the self-driving feature to make a turn that prevented it from crashing into the moving obstacle. However, when a stationary object was used instead, the vehicle did not detect the object, which led to a crash. Such a classic illustration indicates that even though the feature is safe to some extent, you should be alert when using it.

Autopilot is not safe while drunk or intoxicated

Reliance on autopilot while drunk or intoxicated can lead to significant accidents. While autopilot enhances your safety while driving, the detectors may fail to recognize certain features on the road when moving at high speed. Also, some errors in the software may occur when the vehicle is on autopilot. In such situations, you are likely to crash your car should you be drunk. Being drunk will prevent you from taking control of the vehicle during such malfunctions. Therefore, the autopilot feature should not encourage you to drive while drunk or intoxicated.