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Four Common Genres Of Music

There exist several genres of music across the world that you can listen to during your free time. These music genres differ based on the styles that have been used in their creation. We will discuss some of the common genres of music such as R&B, reggae, classical music, and blues.


Rhythm and Blues is one of the most popular genres of music. In ancient times, people used to relate R&B to urban black music, but, in my opinion, listening to this music is never about color. Listening to R&B helps you connect to your emotional core. If you heard about this genre in the 90s, you would be blown away. The intensity of the words, the beats, and the connection to your feelings…it is all amazing, right? The unique combination of rhythm and blues leads to the attainment of a unique flow of music.


Reggae is another category of music loved by many across the world. Even though you will notice that this music genre is not typical in the western world, many people from African countries, as well as the Caribbean states, value it. Unique aspects associated with reggae are the use of drums, scrapper, bass guitar, and electric guitar, meant to enhance musicality levels. Did you know that listening to reggae could reduce nervousness? This genre of music fuses soul music’s intensity, some ska, and the spiritual Jamaican mento center. If you want to calm your nerves, you could use some reggae music.

Classical music

Though not very common, classical music or western art music is another category of music that you need to try out. Classical music generally has a calming effect as it creates an intense feeling of relaxation when you listen to it. Classical music is a genre that has light, clear texture and is less complex when compared to other types of music. The types of instruments used in classical music help to enhance the levels of concentration for people listening to them. It also creates a soothing atmosphere for sleep.


Blues was particularly popular in the 90s; African Americans introduced it in the 20th century, and most international artists preferred it compared to other genres. Though this genre of music is relatively similar to R&B, some differences make it unique. One such aspect is that blues is relatively slow, lyrical, and adopts specific themes. For instance, a significant proportion of blues adopt the theme of love, as you are likely to notice the artists mainly singing about this subject. Blues’ artists tend to express their emotions such as sadness because of oppression, difficult periods, or broken hearts as they sing. If you are looking for slow emotional songs, then this is the genre you should consider.