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Car Technology

Technological advancement has been witnessed in almost every aspect of human life, but especially in the field of automobiles. The underlying reason behind these advancements in technology is to enhance efficiency in terms of traveling to the activities that people choose to engage in.Initially, automobiles were mainly driven by steam engines. However, in current times, we have witnessed an improvement to a level whereby some have come up with electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, and other remarkable technologies.

The electric cars

One of our primary roles as human beings is to take care of our planet and maintain its natural suitability for human life. However, the increase in the rates of carbon emissions has prevented us from attaining such objectives due to the devastating effect that these gases have on the atmosphere. If you do some research, you will notice that a vast portion of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere comes from the automobile industry. The introduction of the electric car seeks to address these challenges because these vehicles have zero emissions. Various automobile companies have adopted this technological avenue in the production of their vehicles. They understand we need to embrace the introduction of electric vehicles if we are passionate about protecting the planet for the future generation.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars use different technologies to make the concept a reality. You will find self-driving vehicles use two different technologies; lidar or radar. The lidar, which implies light detection and ranging, utilizes a laser to help the car drive itself without running into objects. Vehicles that use this technology usually come with a laser, scanner, and GPS. As the car drives, the laser releases light that hits nearby objects; as this light bounces back onto the scanner, it is interpreted in a manner that enables the car to identify the objects, their position, and their direction of motion. The inbuilt software then directs the vehicle to move without hitting any of these objects. Since the process occurs on repeat, it is possible for the car to drive itself. Unlike the lidar, the radar uses radio waves to detect the position and motion of the surrounding vehicles. These cars are equipped with special detectors which can capture and analyze waves emitted by other vehicles in its surrounding.

Automatic braking

The automatic braking system is another remarkable technology that has enhanced the automobile industry. The technology uses bumper cameras that automatically initiate the brakes when something is on the road. Usually, accidents tend to occur when we fail to take action within the shortest timeframe possible. For instance, let us assume a scenario where some obstacle is a few meters ahead of you. Your inability to recognize these obstacles can lead to an accident. However, by using the bumper camera, the vehicle will stop automatically, preventing the accident.